R/C Jagdpanther 1/16 RTR Full Func
R/C Jagdpanther 1/16 RTR Full Func
  • Model: TAM23660
  • Manufactured by: Tamiya

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In the summer of 1942, the German army decided to use the Panther medium tank chassis as the platform for developing a new heavy tank destroyer. The result was the superb Jagdpanther, which is regarded by many as one of the finest AFVs of WWII. Armed with an L71 88mm main gun and with 80mm frontal and 50mm side sloped armor plating, the Jagdpanther possessed both excellent offensive and defensive power. The 45.5 ton vehicle was equipped with a 700hp Maybach HL230P30 engine, giving it a top speed of 55km/h.

About the Model
This is a 1/16 R/C German Jagdpanther No. 321 Full-Option Complete Set (Factory Finished)
Light weathering highlights the tank�s 3 color camouflage.
Dual gearboxes can operate together or individually for realistic tank movement.
Includes DMD Control Unit (T-03) and DMD Multi-Function Unit (MF-01) which enables turret rotation, gun elevation/depression, and realistic light and sound action at your fingertips.
Onboard speaker reproduces realistic engine sounds.
Main gun and machine gun firing accompanied by LED flashes for greater realism.
Install ITEM 53447 1/16 R/C Tank LED Battle System (sold separately) for exciting 1v1 or team battles with other similarly equipped Tamiya R/C tanks.
4-channel R/C system included. (w/CE Marker)
7.2V battery and charger are separately required.
This widely-used medium tank would look fantastic alongside the previously released Tiger 1, King Tiger, Panther, and Panzer IV tanks.

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